Why use Plutus?

Who is Plutus for

Plutus upholds the core values of decentralization. That’s why Plutus’ Defi-As-A-Service solutions focus on user privacy, anonymity and maintaining sovereignty over your wealth. For strong privacy and anonymity features, Ethereum is known by default. Plutus makes it easy to enter the world of decentralized finance.

Full Anonymity

Our solutions put decentralization and anonymity first, putting users in control of their digital identity.

Privacy on DeFi

We integrate on- and off-chain privacy solutions to protect private transactions from prying eyes. Privacy is one of the main benefits of crypto transactions. Many new cryptocurrencies are being launched every year. Visit https://coincierge.de/kryptowaehrungen-kaufen/coin-launch/ to find the latest coin launches.

Self-Sovereign Wealth

Not your keys; not your coins. Control your cryptocurrency with our non-custodial solution and withdraw your funds at any time.

On and Off-Chain Privacy

From ToR and OpenVPN to Offshore VPNs and bulletproof servers.

DeFi on Dark Web

User-Level Privacy, Market-Level Transparency

On-Chain Privacy Protocols

Public transactions leave users vulnerable to prying eyes. Using next generation privacy protocols, Plutus seemlessly integrates privacy options for all.

Our vision

The Plutus Ecosystem

Lend & Earn

A simple lending solution that lets you earn up to 15 % APR interest, with full control and non - custodial ownership on your crypto assets.

Payroll & Payments

Distribute tokens to employees, contractors, customers, investors and communities at a click of button; without technical experience.


Utilise and execute DeFi derivatives instantly with full transparency across your open trade positions.Hedge and manage risk.


Integrate our smart contracts into wallets, exchanges, institutional dark pools and other service providers, whether front - end or back - end.Plutus builds bridges between pockets of liquidity with DeFi.

Our customers

Who is Plutus for


Generate up to 15% APR on idle crypto assets using our privacy-enabled ‘Lend & Earn’ solution. As you looking to buy presale crypto, think about using your earnings from our lending solution to join early token sales. This can boost your portfolio and maximize the benefits of both endeavors.


Reduce payroll costs with Plutus Payments: Automatically distribute monthly salaries, expenses, and tokens at a click of a button.

Service Providers

Leverage Plutus’ DeFi-as-a-Service featuring easy-to-use SDKs and APIs to develop new streams of revenue and tap into liquidity for digital wallets and exchanges.

Unifying DeFi

How Plutus works

Plutus is a protocol that unifies leading DeFi protocols and blockchain infrastructure by standardising communication between them to create and execute complex financial transactions, while championing Privacy, Anonymity and Sovereignty.

Whether it’s switching between multiple lending protocols, trading through multiple decentralized exchanges or utilising numerous base layer chains Plutus plans to be at the center of it all.

Arnie Hill

Strategy & Marketing CEO, Founder

Partner of Obsidian Capital, Investor in 31 Blockchain Companies.

Ali Hararwala

Product & Operations COO, Co-Founder

Citibank, Oracle, Nissan, Publicis, GoldMoney, Louis Dreyfus, NHS

Paresh Masani

Engineering CTO, Head of Technology

Goldman Sachs, Thomson Reuters

Manan Jobanputra

Engineering Lead Platform Developer

React | Vue.js | Angular | React Native | Node | Mongo | Blockchain | Fullstack | AWS

Ali Zain

Engineering Smart Contract Lead

Over 4 years of experience in Blockchain development specifically in Ethereum and HyperLedger.

Alexandre Orfevre

Engineering Senior Developer

Mon Ami Poto, Sopra Steria, CryptoFrenchies, RIZZE

Mustafeez Rehman

Engineering Front End Developer

Front end developer with experience in Mern stack development.

Atif Rehman

Engineering Back End Developer

Backend and Blockchain developer with core expertise in Ethereum

Chand Routh

Designer UX/UI

Gaana.com, Appster, Fabhotels

Usman Khan

Marketing Community & Social Media

RSK Labs, Crypto Council, Rowlingstone.com

Toby Lewis

Enterprise & Venture Strategy Advisor

Founder at Novum Insights, Global Corporate Venturing

Dynal Patel

Product Advisor

Senior Product Manager, Cardano. 12+ years in Enterprise and SME in Telecom and IOT (Vodafone)

Wilson Davis

Business Advisor

Financial Consultant focused on wealth management, loan generations/analysis, and systems creating client-company symbiosis

Mehmed Ćoralić

Business Advisor

Global Wealth and Investment Business Support Lead; 4+ years within Investment Banking and Wealth Management

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